Mt Cordeaux & Bare Rock

The trails for these summits and/or lookouts begin from Crest Car park along Cunningham Highway (At Cunningham’s Gap). Fortunately, there are five trails that leave from the same car park: Mt Mitchell, Mt Cordeaux, Bare Rock, Morgan’s Walk & Gap Creek Falls.

We took a group out to complete Mt Cordeaux, Bare Rock & Morgan’s walk as these trails all lead from the same path. You begin hiking through lush forest – the path engulfed with palm trees and moss covered vines. The climb is gradual over the first 2.8km will minimal stairs and a steady incline. You will reach a series of lookouts along the way; however the view from the top is unbeatable. Your first summit will be Mt Cordeaux which incredible.

Heading back down the trail 70m, you will meet the Bare Rock & Morgan’s Walk trail which is around 7km return from that point.  Along the trail, be sure to look behind you as you get incredible views of the Mt Cordeaux peak from the other side.

Morgan’s Walk is relatively uneventful however it’s only 700m return to the lookout so you may as well check it out. Bare Rock is SPECTACULAR though and we 100% recommend completing the extra 1.5km.

Trail Distance & Time: 15km return. 3-4hrs.
Drive Time from Brisbane: 1.5hrs
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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