Mt Beerwah, Glasshouse Mountains

Beerwah is the tallest of all the Glasshouse Mountains, and the most challenging in our opinion. If you were to type ‘Mt Beerwah’ into Google maps/Apple maps, it will take you to the correct parking area – it’s located just off Mt Beerwah Road. 

The hike begins from the South-Western side of the car park. The first few hundred metres follow a sealed path and will lead you to an open, grassy area with bathroom facilities. Once you pass through the gate at the southern end of the grassy area, you begin climbing uphill – still on the path. Once the path ends, the real adventure begins… you’ll know when you’ve arrived. The next section of the trail is rock climbing/scrambling. You will be using your hands and feet to pull yourself up slabby rocks and boulders for approximately 1km (you have been warned). This section is similar to Mt Tibrogargan, possibly slightly steeper, and we recommend trying Tibro before this beast.

Once you’ve conquered ‘the slab,’ you arrive under some incredible limestone caves. I say under because the caves overhang completely over the path – it’s quite incredible. You will follow the caves for 300m(ish) and then will begin climbing again. This section isn’t as tough as the first section, but there are a lot of boulders and rocks you’ll be pulling yourself over.

Once you arrive at the top, you will be rewarded with 360 degree views stretching from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and way out west! You will descend the same way…

HOT TIP: do not try and go down facing the rock. Sit on your bum and ‘backwards crab’ your way down, thank us later!

Travel time from Brisbane: 1hr15min.
Trail Distance: Time: 6km & 2-3hrs.
Difficulty: Hard.

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