Mt Tibrogargan, Glasshouse Mountains.

Tibro (once you’ve climbed it, you can use its nickname) is such a FUN climb. We use the word climb instead of hike because 90% of the trail involves hands and feet climbing & scrambling. If you’re not into climbing up near vertical rock faces, this one isn’t for you – see Mt Ngungun instead. To find Mt Tibrogargan, you can simply type ‘Mt Tibrogargan’ into Google or Apple Maps and it will lead you to the car park (see map below). 

The trail is very obviously marked from the car park and will lead you to the base of the mountain. There is a fork in the trail on the approach but it is clearly marked ‘summit trail’ as opposed to the ‘base trail.’ The approach is fully paved however, it is not to be underestimated… your legs will let you know that they’re there!

Once you’ve reached the base of the mountain, you’ll understand what we mean. You will begin climbing vertically up the rock face until you reach the summit (40ish minutes later). There is not a specific path, but you can usually see where the rock is more worn from excessive traffic – follow this route. One tip we’ll give is to not focus on descending, while you’re ascending – that’s future you’s issue and honestly, it’s not as bad as it seems.

The peak is beautiful and makes for the perfect Instagram photo… don’t forget to tag us! You will descend the same way you came up. We recommend coming down with your bum against the rock, using the ‘backwards crab’ method.

Travel time from Brisbane: 1hr.
Trail Distance: Time: 3km & 1.5-2hrs.
Difficulty: Hard.

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