Flinders Peak, Ipswich Region.

Additional Information:
Flinders Peak is one of our personal favourite hikes! It’s not too short, it’s relatively challenging on the legs (and cardio, who are we kidding) and the views are SPECTACULAR! You access this trail via the Flinders Goolman Coservation Area (south of Ipswich). Google Maps should bring you straight there ~ check out the map below! It should be noted that there is approximately 3km of dirt road to reach the car park – our little Hyundai i30’s made it no trouble though!

From the Car park, there are two main trails – one being Mt Blaine (see next page) and one being Flinders Peak. The track you’re looking for starts to the right (south) of the toilets. The trail begins by following an old fire trail before beginning the ascent into the dry/desert like bush – seriously, there are even cacti up here! You’ll travel up and up and up and up, and believe us, you may need a couple of stops within the first 45 minutes.

Once you’ve hit the 1 hour mark, you’ll find yourself traversing across an epic ridge line which will involve some basic scrambling/climbing skills! After the ridge, you’ll squeeze along the narrow path through the bush which will then open up into the summit! There’s a big radio/phone tower up there so you’ll definitely know when you’ve made it! Make sure you have a bit of a walk around to all the vantage points, the views are simply stunning!

You will follow the same path on the way down – keep an eye on the trail however; as we have ‘lost’ the trail every time we have been there. It’s easy to find again, and you really can’t get too lost, but it is something to be mindful of!

Trail Distance & Time: 6km. 2.5hrs-3.5hrs.
Drive Time from Brisbane: 1hr15mins.
Difficulty Level: Moderate – Hard.

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