Mt Maroon, Mt Barney NP.

Mt Maroon! I feel excited just writing this! This has to be our favourite hike in the area: it’s the perfect mix of challenging, navigation and stunning scenery! This drive to Maroon (2hrs) is a bit longer than most in the area, but it’s definitely worth it! The carpark is located on Cotswold Road – Please DON’T follow google maps because it is INCORRECT! The address is in the map below, use Cotswold road. 

The Maroon path begins following an old 4WD track (used to be army grounds). You’ll cross through some gates, and follow an old barbed wire fence for a little while! The first part is definitely the most mentally tiring as it can be quite long, steep and well, a bit boring. Solider on though because the next sections more than make up for it.

About 40 minutes in, there is a big rock to your right where we always stop for a BHG photo shoot! You have incredible views of the cliff face opposing you – this is also where the crags are for the rock climbers amongst us!

Continuing up, you’ll see the path begin to flatten out and dip down – follow it, it’s not a trap I promise. You will go down and down until you’re in the valley between the two northern peaks. You’ll then scramble (and climb) up the boulders in the valley – we’re quite sure this is a waterfall after a heap of rain, so keep that in mind! At the top of the valley you’ll reach an opening amongst the trees. From here there are 4 or 5 different paths leading off the trail. We’ve taken a few different ones but the ones straight ahead, or slightly to your right (12 or 2 o’clock) will be the most effective to reach the summit!

You’ll climb up some slabby rock formations for about 15 minutes until you reach the peak.You’ll know when you’ve arrived because there is an epic rock stack at the top. You’re rewarded with not only this rock stack, but also with epic views of Mt Barney (if it’s not in the clouds like it usually is).

You’ll descend the same way, and the path is quite easy to follow both up and down! Definitely recommend this hike; it’s a lot of fun and a good workout!

Travel time from Brisbane: 2.5hrs.
Trail Distance: Time: 6km & 3-4hrs.
Difficulty: Hard.

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