About Us

Welcome to Brisbane Hikers Guide. Before you jump in & find out about all the epic adventures there are to be had in SEQ, let us introduce ourselves.

BHG is run by Aaron & Nikki – both avid adventurers (in SEQ and internationally). We have both been to 30+ countries and have ticked off hundreds of trails & mountains throughout the world.

Aaron is the ‘social butterfly’ of our operation and if you have come to one of our hikes, you’ll know that he loves a good chat. Nikki has a background in Marketing & Design, and therefore takes care of a lot of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ work (and is usually behind her phone or camera screen taking photos).

Our work schedules are a little all over the place, so our group hikes & meet-ups will be run whenever possible. Please head to our Facebook page to stay up to date with meet-up information!