We (+50ish) of our closest friends, made it up 5 Glasshouse Peaks in 1 day – including the two toughest ones. If you missed out & want to give it a go on your own, here’s how we did it. Keep in mind that we were a big group and we weren’t in any rush to get the peaks done.


6.30am. Mt Tibrogargan. Kick-off. 

Even with a group of 30+ climbers and alot of traffic on the mountain, this peak took us less than 1.5hrs to complete. We were back in the carpark by 8am, just in time for a little breakfast snack.

8.30am. Mt Tiberoowuccum. Peak #2. 

We meandered down from the Tibro carpark at around 8.30am. As the two peaks are very close together, it was easier to just leave all of our cars where they were. We always start this climb from the road marker, on Barrs Rd, instead of from the Trachyte Car Park.

IMG_2261Head up the 4WD track and keep turning right until you find the Cairn (Rock Stack) on your left. The path is easy to follow from there – you’ll just head up and up until you get to the top. There is a teenie tiny bit of rock scrambling involved just at the top. We were back off the mountain around 9.30am and headed to Mt Beerwah, via coffee… because coffee. is. life.


10.30am. Mt Beerwah. Peak #3. 

When we arrived in the Beerwah carpark, we found that some of our group had brough a BBQ and were cooking up lunch. We hung out there for a while, eating & chatting, then went on to conquer the biggest (and best, in our opinion) Glasshouse Peak. We love the climbing, the caves & the 360 degree veiws from the top –


Beerwah has it all! Considering we had a couple of newbies with us, we got Beerwah done quite quickly also. As Beerwah is kind of single file, everyone just went at their own pace and we all met at the top for a group photo! We were all down off Beerwah around 2pm, and headed to Coochin Hills for a 2.30pm kick-off.



2.30pm. Coochin Hills. Peak #4. 


It’s safe to say that all of our legs felt the incline heading up the Coochin Twin Peaks. The teenie, tiny Coochin carpark did not fit all of our vehicles, so keep that in mind if you’re wanting to give it a go. We just parked across the road, on the shoulder/nature strip area. We did the hills as a circuit – we went up the Western Peak, down the valley, up the Eastern Peak and then down the North face of the Eastern Peak, back to the beginning.


4pm. Mt Ngungun. FINAL PEAK! 


Pretty much everyone in SEQ has climbed Mt Ngungun – if you haven’t, you’re really behind the times! This little peak is nice and short – the perfect way to end a big day. We got to the top, hung out & watched the sun go down. Spirits were high, friends were made and we’d conquered 5 peaks.



From BHG to everyone that came along, we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU! We had a great day, and hope you all did too. For those of you who missed out, follow our itinenary and give it a go yourself!


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