Purlingbrook Falls, Springbrook.

Springbrook is such a gorgeous part of Queensland. Nestled in the lush Gold Coast Hinterland, you are offered countless trails that lead to beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes. We’d classify these more as ‘bushwalking’ as opposed to ‘hiking’ but they’re perfect for a relaxed Sunday outing.

Purling Brook falls has its own car park, the address is in the map below. This trail is very well signed, so just follow the signs to Purling Brook falls and you’ll be good to go! The half of the trail is all downhill as you have to descend into the valley in order to reach the base of the falls. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll feel small compared to the falls and the cliffs surrounding them. You can either cross the bridge and head straight up the other side, or follow the trail towards the Warrago Pools! I’d recommend the pools as they’re an awesome spot for swimming/jumping (PLEASE BE CAREFUL). There is a resident eel in the pools though so keep an eye out for him, and respect his home! This is an out and back trail so you end up back at the falls, you’ll cross the bridge and head up the other side. All together, it’s only a 6km trail so it’s perfect for beginners, families or those just wanting to get into nature.

Travel time from Brisbane: 2hrs.
Trail Distance: Time: 4km // 2hrs.
Difficulty: Moderate.

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