4 Beginner Hikes You Need to do.

Hiking newbie and don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. This is your beginners guide to exploring SEQ’s beautiful mountains and trails. There is a hike for each region across South East Queensland. If you classify yourself more within the intermediate or advanced category, keep reading anyway – you never know what tips & tricks may be in here..


Sunshine Coast Hinterland:

Mt Ngungun // Rivalling Mt Coolum for the most ‘Instagrammed’ mountain in SEQ, is Ngungun (you get points if you can pronounce the name correctly). Ngungun is a very easy trail to follow, only takes 20-30 minutes to get to the summit and you are rewarded with 360 degrees views of all the Glass House Mountains. What could be better? Grab your mates (or kids, or families) and head up Ngungun. If you’re more advanced, use Ngungun as a warm up and then go conquer Tibro or Beerwah!




Gold Coast Hinterland: 

Purlingbrook Falls // Heading in the opposite direction, we’re now in the Gold Coast Hinterland (Springbrook Area). The trail for Purlingbrook Falls starts at the top of the valley – you will trek down (and down, and down, and down) and will reach the base of the waterfall. The  cliff behind the falls is a spectacular, and very unique, orange colour. You can’t swim in the pool under the falls however, if you take a little detour down the ‘pools’ trail, you will reach a few natural swimming holes which you can most definitely, cool off in! The hike back up to the top of the valley is definitely steep however, it is over rather quickly and the views are more than worth it.

Purlingbrook Falls



Ipswich Region: 

Mt Edwards //  Mt Edwards can only be described as a ‘leg burner’. This mountain isn’t particularly long (2hrs round trip) but oh boy, it WILL burn your legs & glutes. However, the trail is easy to follow, it’s only 1 hour (ish) from Brissy and it’s set on the picturesque, Lake Moogerah. You actually walk across Moogerah Dam Wall to begin the hike. If you’re yet to tick this one off, don’t delay any longer. DO IT (but we did warn you about the booty burn).



Further West: 

Mt Cordeaux // If you’re after a rainforest trail leading to a beautiful rocky outcrop, this is your mountain. Mt Cordeaux is located out towards Cunningham Gap on the way to Toowoomba. The trail is very well signed, and very easy to follow. To Mt Cordeaux, it’s around 7km return. If you’re feeling super energetic, you can continue on to Bare Rock afterwards – it’s another 3km approximately. Our tip to you: Keep an eye out for wildlife (especially slithery animals – there are plenty out there) & take a First Aid Kit with you.


Mt Cordeaux

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